Tupac Assassination II: Reckoning Trailer

by SoHood.com
published on: Wed Dec 10 2008

Tupac Assassination II: Reckoning (2009)

119 mins | 2009-01-27

Tupac Assassination  Part II: Reckoning Trailer

TUPAC: ASSASSINATION II - RECKONING details the motive for murder in a follow-up to the award winning and critically acclaimed predecessor "Tupac: Assassination - Conspiracy or Revenge." RECKONING takes you into an unprecedented level of access regarding the life and death of Tupac Shakur. An emotional look at the loss felt by those closest to Shakur, the film also explores the true legacy of the hip-hop icon: his influence on the youth of today and the work that still continues. Filled with intimate observations, humorous anecdotes and discussions only an artist as outspoken as Tupac could ever put forward, Tupac's inner circle - family and business associates who have refused to be interviewed for any documentary until now - share information of certain theories and put to rest others regarding those responsible for Tupac's death.

"The truth finds you out"

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