One Thousand Days in Saigon Trailer

by the JaYoe Nation
published on: Thu May 16 2019

One Thousand Days in Saigon (2012)

53 mins | 2012-10-01

First Day Back in Hochiminh, Vietnam

Documentary short following French-Vietnamese artist Marcelino Truong on his journey back to Vietnam for the research on his 'roman graphique' 'Une si jolie petite guerre' (A Lovely Little War). Truong looks back to when his family lived in Saigon from 1961 to 1963 when his father served as a translator to then president of the Republic of Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem. The film follows Truong as he ruminates over memories, photos and films, and also conducts a host of interviews with Vietnamese relatives and officials to present a personal and long awaited Vietnamese perspective to the war.


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