Faun Lichtbilder Trailer

by fauntube
published on: Fri Jan 02 2009

Faun - Lichtbilder ()

120 mins |

Faun Gallery 2007

Having performed over 250 concerts at various festivals, markets, concert halls and churches throughout Europe, "Lichtbilder" offers the debut digital DVD offering from enchanting Medieval / Gothic Dark Folk act Faun. Performing amplified sets Faun offer a collection of medieval acoustic musics further augmented by pyrotechnic / fire dance shows offering a symbiosis of theatre, dance, music and more ! FAUN perform with three vocal chants and utilize many different instruments including celtic harp, nickelharpa, lyres, pipes, drums, cister, pagan zither, flutes and Arabic instruments such as the dombra, rebab, riq, oud darabukka and bendir.


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